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Warehouse management

Monitor warehouse movements and inventory

Introduction to ProgestNOW Warehouse Management

The module that gives you access to up-to-date and detailed information on product availability, the cost of goods, stocks, warehouse value, ledgers and movements. In real time.

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Progest NOW
Progest NOW

Customised price lists

Option to specify price lists (including in foreign currencies and languages) to associate with clients or categories of clients.

  • Item description can be customised for each individual price list
  • Price list validity periods
  • Special prices (promotions, campaigns)
  • Links with e-commerce and third-party sales channels
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Allows you to view the full movements-log for an item, specifying sale price, purchase price, the relevant storerooms and the clients/suppliers involved.

  • Year-to-date statistical reports;
  • Reports according to item
  • Reports according to group of items
  • Reports according to client
  • Reports according to agent
  • Reports according to zone
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Progest NOW


Provides up-to-date, real-time access to inventory information, with the option of selecting warehouses, storerooms or groups of items, based on different values in accordance with the law (final cost, weighted average cost, LIFO, arithmetic average cost).

  • In-depth, well-organised and production-based monitoring and management
  • Monitoring and management of out-of-stock items
  • Generates orders to suppliers
  • Tax reports
  • Sales statistics for the period, grouped according to agent, client, zone, category of item, etc.
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Progest NOW
Progest NOW


Keep track of all movements of goods within your business, thanks to the power of customised descriptions, which enable a wide range of internal and external movements and generation of the relevant lists/transport documents:

  • storeroom rotation
  • loading/unloading
  • production-related loading
  • yields
  • transfer of goods among warehouses/storerooms
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ProgestNOW allows 360° management of the various aspects of barcodes, from generation to printing and reading.

  • Automated inventories using barcodes
  • Generation and management of EAN13, EAN8 and QR barcodes
  • Interfacing with portable terminals
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Progest NOW
Progest NOW

Product variants and configurators

For items involving variants, you can avail of a configurator that allows each item to be matched with its potential variants.

The configurator will guide you through the offer and production order phases.

  • Multi-level variants
  • Standalone variants for special orders
  • Integration with bill of materials
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If your business manufactures finished and semi-finished goods, you can manage the structures that make up those goods on infinite levels, with real-time availability updates.

  • Immediately see if any of the items required to manufacture the product are out of stock in the warehouse
  • Automatic warehouse movements and automatic product valuation
  • Calculation of product cost
  • Full integration with sales orders and production orders
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Progest NOW


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