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A 30-year history

Progetto Automazione has been in business since 1982, offering ERP management software solutions to small and medium enterprises working in sales, production and services. Vittorio Arata, an electronics engineer, founded the company in Chiavari in 1982, designing and developing the first release of Progest. The business has continued to evolve since then, leading to the fifth generation cloud-based release of the management software. More than 500 businesses use the Progest management suite and ERP software solutions every day in their offices, factories and on the go.


Progetto Automazione supports companies as they grow, with stable, cutting-edge software solutions. This requires a careful assessment of the context, and the release of suites that are both solid and modern.

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Every firm has its peculiarities, which make it unique and interesting: we are ready to discover them and to provide the right and efficient solution for you, by adapting ProgestNOW to your firm.

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